After all, this is a running camp.

We will be doing a fun run together on the Boulder Creek Path. We know that it is Winter and heading into track season, so this will be light and fun. We will have 3, 5 or 7 mile options.



Strong Journal

This is all for you. Each camper will have their own unique and individual experience. This camp is for you, and there will be dedicated time for you to work on your own confidence techniques in your Strong Journal. 



Confidence Techniques

Learn from 2x Olympian and World Silver Medalist Kara Goucher on key confidence techniques that will help you feel like a warrior on the starting line of races and any major life event. 


Self Defense

Defense Lessons

Learn self defense from renowned Krav Maga coach Julie Morrill. She will teach you key fundamentals developed from hand to hand combat techniques of the Israeli army. She develops safety techniques for women and girls around the world that you can incorporate in order to defend yourself in any situation. 

Listen to sports medicine doctor Amy Oldenberg as she gives tips and tricks on how to prevent injuries and key your body intact. 

Healthy Mind

Self love + Confidence

Key speakers will incorporate messages that will prepare your mind for love and life because it can be hard out there, and you got this. 



Breakfast + Lunch + Snacks

We will provide you with breakfast upon check-in, a boxed lunch and snacks from a few awesome Colorado companies. Just let us know if you have allergies, and we will accommodate you.




For reservations:

Join us for the inaugural Strong Camp with Kara Goucher in her hometown of Boulder, Colorado.